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Rate, %
Loan Expenses, $
Loan Type



rate, %


total overpayment

from 882,65 to 837,44

monthly repayments

Secured personal loans

Fees and Features

6,00 %

fixed interest rate


one-time fees


periodic fees

to 5 years

loan term

Secured personal loans


How to compare and to apply for personal loans in Canada?

For everyone Canadian whether he is a national student or a pensioner with a bad credit score, or an employee or even an entrepreneur with a perfect rating, moments in living appear when some amount of money is demanded, but you are unlikely to set aside the purchase or to save enough funds. It can be the costs for your home renovation, education, vacation, debt consolidation credit, an automobile purchase or other consumer purposes. Canadian banks and credit unions, as TD, RBC, CIBC, BMO, Scotiabank, PC Financial, Vancity, Servus, Vancity, Coast Capital, Meridian or private lenders, provide a variety of loan products for personal goals, like overdrafts, lines of credits, secured and unsecured installment loans with variable or fixed percentages rates. So, it is very hard to compare and to check this set of credit products, as well as to get the one which fits you most, especially if you have a bad credit score in Canada, you require instant approval of the personal loan. How to improve your chances and to make getting a loan almost guaranteed case? prompts you which steps you should do, in this article.

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