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Note: month - 30 days, year - 365 days, first contribution starts from second month on the first day.

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  • $ 5 000,00 Initial deposit
  • $ 0,00 Total contributions
  • $ 5 000,00 Total amount invested
  • $ 149,97 Total interest of initial deposit
  • $ 0,00 Total interest of contributions
  • $ 149,97 Total interest earned
  • $ 5 149,97 Total at end of term

How to use the bank deposit calculator online in Canada?

We offer you a deposit calculator with replenishment and interest capitalization. With the help of our calculator you can calculate the profitability of any deposit and choose the most profitable deposit program in Canada. The interest calculator for the deposit shows what income a natural or legal person can receive from the placement of free cash in banks of Canada for a certain period. To calculate the yield of a deposit, it is necessary to indicate such data: the amount of the deposit, the interest rate, the term of placement, the method of payment of interest (in advance, capitalization, monthly, quarterly, annually, at the end of the period), the amount of replenishment, if necessary. These data can be viewed in the rating of deposits. The calculation formula takes into account the number of days in a month - 30, in a year - 365, replenishments are taken into account: from the 1st day of the 2nd month.

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